Find me by the beach with a cigarette at bay
grinding on my lips the smell reeks through my nose and
I let out a sharp exhale, expecting the worst
but remembering the euphoric dissonance between
the pen and the paper

I write.


Anatomy 90

goodbye to the fratboy from hawaii

I won’t be seeing you another time.
with my lipstick still fresh on your cheek
I’ll never recover, but you’ll give it a week.
You say you don’t notice or understand
The privilege you have just being a man,
And since that is a thought that went through your mind
I won’t be seeing you another time.


I long for a necklace just as beautiful as you’d think
Something gold, something silver
I’m not sure which one will look better on me
Maybe it will be dainty or have a nice symbol
I’ve always liked turquoise, amethyst, and topaz
Anything black can look great, too
But I never could determine what I would love the mosts
I don’t want to have anything I’m not in love with
It has to be perfect, I want to love it dearly
I want to feel the strength, the love, and faith
And let it soothe my soul


I’ve found my glory days through all the pain and said that I’ve only stuck to the sand

Marijuana on the rocks, my favorite boots in the bar- please tell me if I’ve gone off the rails too far

Glory, glory
I’ve got the story, story
Maybe not very newsworthy
But something damn sweet
Short and sweet
You can’t compete
Come claim your prize inside while she weeps